Contact us to ask how we can help with research, educating, designing or implementations to suit your needs. The packages are tailored to match the specific needs of your company. We can also help with choosing the right tools and products for the tasks.

Some of the tools we offer:
  • Advanced methods in computer science
  • Data analysis and knowledge elicitation
  • Domain analysis
  • Productification
  • Research and product development
  • Strategic design
  • Technology evaluation

Idegos offers expertise on various advanced methods in computer science. The key to success is to choose the right method for the right problem.

There is a large amount of data pertaining to the normal operations of a company. Also, companies produce a huge amount of data as reports, follow-ups etc. Idegos offers data analysis and knowledge elicitation tools for analyzing, classifying and extrapolating this data, to e.g. tune the company procedures.

A common pitfall is the lack of understanding the operating environment and special characteristics of business domains. Idegos has the methods and diligence for analyzing the domain of operation.

There are thousands of good ideas, but the real challenge is in turning them into profit by productification. The key is in the co-operation of experts. Idegos has the methods and expert networks for this.

Scientific research and product development may appear to be far from each other in day-to-day operations. The results from research provide reliable and justified foundation to allow for minimizing the risk and maximizing the profit in of developed products. Idegos is a spin-off of a multi-university academic research group, and therefore excels in interpreting and deploying research results.

New technologies appear at accelerating pace. On the one hand they must be introduced into both the current operations as well as the product development of the company. On the other hand, in order to maintain adaptiveness and prompt responses to changing operation environment, systematic planning of the future is crucial. Incorporating and planning the use of the new technologies and even non-technological enablers is the core of our methods. Strategic designing can ensure that the operations of the company are always up to date and planned well before the execution.

Choosing which technologies to explore and utilize is not simple. Understanding the causes and effects of introducing a technology to business is critical. This prompts the need for analysis and validation, i.e., evaluation of technologies, as well as determining their value to the company. Also, understanding the timing, standardization and e.g. lifecycle of technologies gives a significant competitive advantage.